How Great is the Prodigal Father

by James Alvaro Nilo


How great is the prodigal Father whose love and mercy never falter.
His love shared by his sons and daughters, He savors like sweet chants all their pray'rs.
How great is the prodigal Father, to all who calls lends his eyes and ears
Every minute and every hour, watches over us with greatest care

How great is the prodigal Father, who prepares a mansion we call home
He has given us all that we own, yet we wanted to be left alone
How great is the prodigal Father who gives treasures on earth as in heav'n
Bestows with blessings even unknown, yet in sinful world we are faring.

How great is the prodigal Father, never gives up hope nor loses faith
To his children filled with compassion, welcomes us home, wipes away the ache.
Quick to forgive, slow to anger; Sandals for soles, ring to a finger
Our Father embracing the waywards, into His mansion under His care.

How great is the prodigal Father Who manifests generosity
Unfathomable his charity, makes just and right to those unworthy
With wide open arms he runs to us, a feast awaits for a safe return.
Let our faith join with his faithfulness, to our great prodigal heav'nly King.

(C) 2008, James Nilo.
Yokosuka, Japan. All Rights Reserved.

The parable of the prodigal son always captivates me, not only because of the great story of triumph, forgiveness and coming home, but more so to the unthinkable generosity of the father in the story. Our heavenly Parent has blessed us with many, many things and most of them come unnoticed. To make an inventory of such blessings would make God a wasteful, extravagant parent to us unappreciative and undeserving children. However, that is the very nature of God. He loves to give. Like the wasteful, extravagant woman who poured an expensive perfume to Jesus, our God is the same. He lavishly pours out the blessings to us because He loves us. In the story, the father was the prodigal for giving to his sons generously.

- James Nilo, 7/5/2008

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